Chris Black

Chris Black

The Director of Black Ink, Chris Black, has extensive experience in researching, writing and analysing social policy.  She has worked as a political adviser at both Federal and State level, and brings an excellent understanding of contemporary policy development and budget processes of government.   In 2011 Chris completed a Master of Social Policy at the University of Melbourne.

Chris has worked on high profile public policy projects within both Commonwealth and State government departments (including development of the Green Paper and White Paper on Homelessness in 2008).  She has also worked extensively with peak bodies and both large and small not-for-profit organisations in the community sector to develop new programs, undertake evaluations, communicate and consult with stakeholders, and provide research evidence for policy submissions.

Prior to becoming a consultant, her community sector experience includes working with organisations such as National Shelter, the Tenants Union Victoria, and Council for Homeless Persons Australia.  Since 2012 Chris has been a non-Executive Director of Yarra Community Housing, a medium sized social housing provider with nearly 2,000 tenants across Victoria.

Member and proud supporter of: Australasian Housing Institute, Australasian Evaluation Society, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, Women’s Health Victoria, CERES, Zoos Victoria, Merri Creek Residents Group and Get Up! Australia


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